How to look after your Leather

Leather ages naturally over time, this is its natural patina, ingrained with all your memories together. Try to avoid getting your leather wet, if it does wipe gently with a soft cloth and allow to dry out naturally. Keep away from heat sources such as radiators as these may dry and crack your leather.

If your leather does begin to show signs of cracking, techniques such as using leather moisturisers or oils can help to soften it. Be sure to test any product on a small area not easily visible as some may cause slight discolouring of your leather. We recommend moisturising your leather every 3-4 months to keep it supple.

For the vast majority of our leather a simple colour free moisuriser/conditioner will work well. We use 'Simply Leather Protection Conditioner by Scratch Doctor' As the leather soaks in the cream it will darken the leather before returning to its normal colour as the cream dries and can be buffed off. Again test any product in a small area beforehand to be sure of this process.

For extra protection we recommend Collonil Waterstop Spray - this helps with UV protection, reduces the chance of light scratches as well as gentle waterproofing, regular use of this helps for water protection.

With our more natural leathers - Vegetable Tanned leathers, Tan Brown, Natural Cream, Dark Brown (Crazyhorse), Waxy Pull-Up - these types of leathers mark more easily than chrome tanned leather, this is part of their patina and unique character. However it is possible to buff off light scratches that happen during day to day use, simply get a soft cloth (t-shirt material is great) and rub in a circular motion. Starting gently and applying more pressure as necessary over the affected areas will reduce the impact of the scratch. Following this with moisurising will help reduce marks even more.

For our range of Hand Dyed leather bags we recommend regular use of Collonil Waterstop Spray to help keep the colour protected from scratches and marking. Spray lightly at a distance of around 15cm in a well ventilated area. Allow the spray to dry naturally on the surface of the leather, optional wipe gently in circular motions with a soft dry cloth to finish. Note the colour on the edges of our hand dyed range may transfer onto lighter coloured materials.

Your bag/item may feel a bit stiff at first but don't be afraid to fill it! Our stiffer leathers will soften over time and begin to mould into shape with the objects you carry with you the most.

Exposure to direct sunlight will affect the colour of your bag - in particular our vegetable tanned Tan Brown and Cream leathers, This is a natural process which adds to your bags character but should you wish to reduce this we recommend keeping you bag inside its cotton dust bag when not in use.

In traditional saddle stitching the thread isn't finished with a knot. Instead we repeat over the last 4-5 stitched in the line then cut the ends. As part of this we also melt the ends of the thread which helps stop it from any fraying and acts as a physical barrier to stop the thread from pulling through.

Waxy pull-up leathers are dyed with natural oils and waxes, please be aware the colour of these leathers may transfer onto lighter coloured materials.