Hand Stitched Leather Bags Nature Inspired Gifts

Welcome to Orgill Originals


Orgill Originals is my little business based in a small village in Derbyshire.

As a father, daughter team it's our dream to live simply, designing and creating beautiful leather bags together enjoying every moment, so thank you for visiting!

We are self taught in leather craft using traditional methods and classic style, we use mainly Italian leather as well as British and European. Our nature inspired gifts are created with the aim of making high quality products that bring the life back into the up-cycled materials that they are fashioned from.

Every item is unique due to our handmade process and personalised options, no single piece is the same, why not take a look in our shop!

Orgill Originals Handmade Leather Bags and Accessories
Orgill Originals workshop - photo by @photoclare
SBS Winner Orgill Originals
Tan Brown Leather Saddle Bag